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shakey jake

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hi guys i looked at a ruger 77/22 today odd synthetic stock stainless barrel and rotary mag. its bolt action and feels well made whats peoples thoughts on it? i want a second 22 for dedicated night vision. my local dealer has a selection of cz bronos old 10/22 and an anshuits i quite liked the 77 but never seen one before. comments please good and bad
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From accounts not as accurate as a bog standard new, or even secondhand, BRNO or CZ and three times the price. Oh the other hand it does have a ten shot magazine but NOT the same, as far as I know, as that used in the Ruger 10/22 but will stand to be corrected on that...as I may be confusing the lever action Ruger .44 with the bolt action Ruger .44 on magazine interchangeability.


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I've owned several Rugers 10/22s etc and never been impressed with their accuracy (still have one in NZ).
Savage on the other hand despite their reputation for being a lower finish, a little rough and ready; have always been tack drivers, regardless of the price.
Remington are a lot dearer but shoot well. CZ I have not shot. Browning are very good straight out of the box.
My advice is get a Savage bolt action with the accutrigger and use the spare cash to get a better sight.

Uncle Norm

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I have a 77/22 that I bought new several years ago. It is a good, solid and accurate rifle. The ten shot magazines are good for rabbit lamping and cheap to buy too. Nothing about mine to dislike. They are rather expensive to buy brand new now though.


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Have a 77/22 it drives tacks, I would say though that the CZ takes a lot of beating , is the one your looking have the paddle stock.


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I have a stainless laminate 22wmr , I've had the barrel shortened and it's been bedded , it's quite an accurate gun with the lighter 30-33g ammo so like any rimfire try a load of ammo to see what it likes?

Tikka 260

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FWIW - I ve had one for 17 years, s/steel and synthetic paddle stock, accurate enough with the rounds that it likes - winchester subsonic, but it never did like the various stingers / fast rounds. I put a Timney trigger in it and it does what it says on the box. However, another Poster says that they are expensive these days, and there are more modern designs about. Right gun at the right price I guess?


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I have five of the 77/22's. I rebarreled all of them and have Timney triggers in all of them. Buy the CZ. Never an issue. (Model 452 if you can find one)~Muir


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I have a 77/22 All Weather. Good, well made, dependable rifle that shoots good accurate groups with Eley subs (or did until I cleaned it after 10 years!). My main gripe is the Lawyer's trigger on it. Stupidly heavy but you do get used to it and it has shot moa at 100 yds with eley subs. No plans to change it but if I did, I'd be looking at an Anschutz instead.

Heym SR20

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An estate I used to stalk on had a pair of stainless synthetic 77/22. The crofts were plagued with rabbits. One of us on the back seat, one in the passenger and driver with the lamp. Brick of ammo - front passengers shoots one side of the road, empty and reloads, whilst the backseat shoots the drivers side. Don't recall missing many. After a couple of nights the easy ones were dead and we ended shooting at silly ranges - using the thick part of the reticle as the aiming point. A brick of ammo shot and didn't look as if we had made any difference. That's was 20 years ago but those 77/22 were used hard and seemed to work well. The walnut / blued is a nice handling little rifle.


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I had three of these, all in stainless and synthetic stocks, WMR, 223 and 243 never had any issues with any any of them. Still got the 243 and wish I'd kept the WMR.


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A friend of mine has the 77/357 and its a good rifle with stainless steel barrel. I don't see you having any problems with a Ruger 77 chambered in .22LR.

johnny k

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go on youtube and look at the bolt mods, just needed to stop a floppy bolt. They need shimming. CZ with a new trigger spring and you are onto a work horse of a rifle. I shoot out to 125 yards with mine on a regular basis (rabbits) and its so accurate.