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Hey all,

I've been a member of this great forum for a little while now. I love the swap shop culture & comeradery that goes with it. Knowledge exchange is a great way to better ourselves. It brings us together to share our common interests & is great for personal development whether teaching or learning. It also of course saves us a few pennies that could be spent on that extra outing or a few rounds at least

I'm a relative newbie to stalking but a lifetime shooter & an award winning professional butcher.

I would like to offer up my expertise in the butchery field in exchange for time in the field.

What are my credentials?

I've more than 20yrs in the trade & can draw upon a wealth of experience. I have worked with a mobile field to fork slaughter outfit, in the commercial "speed boning" industry, "high end retail" butchers & I own & manage 2x businesses of my own supplying some of the nations most decorated chefs & household names.

I've also gained a great deal of experience teaching. I regularly deliver informative & inspiring lectures teaching everything from sausage making through to whole carcuss butchery to colleges & cookery schools.

If you fancy swapping some time in the field (stalking, game, pigeon,etc) for some expert 1to1 tuition please PM me.

I'm based in Cornwall but happy to travel for quality experiences.

Happy hunting folks
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That's a great offer.
anyone local to the Cornish pasty man ( almost certain to be a relative in that area :) ) should really take advantage of this. Good butchery skills are a godsend when it comes to carcass prep.


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Thanks...I think?...limulus..?

You know contrary to belief the gene pool here in Kernow is deeper than the Tamar!...lol Years of cross breeding with 2nd home owners through the Summer months has lead to improved hybrid vigor. Progeny not only have just 5 fingers on each hand but can find reverse gear on country B roads & display a startling ability to engage it at 30mph...lol

Would love to think that some fellow enthusiasts could make use of my butchery know how.

Your quad sticks look great...fancy a trade?...haha

pleased to meet you