Extra long 3 1/2" chambered 870 barrel?


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I was talking to someone the other day who was convinced that 36" long 3 1/2" chambered shotguns were in common use among British wildfowlers and that barrels like that for a Remington 870 would be easy to find.

I've never heard about this before, and have tried Google to no avail. Is he havering? Or do these actually exist?



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Marlin make a 36" bolt action 12g

Remington don't to the best of my knowledge do any 36" barrels for any of their shotguns.

As for the 3.5 inch chambered 870 pump I tried to find one a few years back but they weren't being imported due to the release of the 887.

I bought an 887 and have regretted it ever since. Its a heap of crap. I have seen a few 870's since then in 3.5 chambering, once I can afford it I will trade the 887 in and get one of those as the 870 is a cracking shotgun.

To answer your question though I think your mate is talking out of his behind.


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Shotguns in 12 bore with 3 1/2" chambers have only been available since the advent of steel shot so most guns only have 30-32" barrels.
Shotguns in 10 bore with 3 1/2" chambers have been available for donkeys years but are not common in anything over 32-34" barrels
Shotguns in 4 bore - 8 bore that burn black powder were allways built with extra long barrels