Eye protection, when do you wear it?


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Eye protection, when do you wear it? I expect to fire my first home loads this weekend, should I wear glasses of some sort?

I wear my normal glasses when making the rounds, is that sufficient?

I think some people wear glasses for range work, but not when stalking?




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I just wear safety specs when priming the cases. I don't wear specs when shooting. Safety specs won't shatter under impact like normal specs.


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I must say it did seem weird at the weekend to not wear safety specs while shooting on the DSC1 course as I always wear them on the club range but then we are normally expending lots of 22rf or 12g through our semi autos and can get birdshot ricochets from the steel targets. Are you going to test your reloads at a range if so I would err on side of caution and wear eye protection if its an unknown load you are testing, just my two penith worth.


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I always err on the side of caution & wear good quality safety glasses. I figure I've only got one pair of eyes, no eyes no shooting! Cheers


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I only wear eye protection when clay shooting. As I hand prime I make sure the case faces away from me.


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As I wear glasses I had a pair of prescription Zeiss shooting/safety glasses made up for me & wear them whenever I have a shotgun or rifle in my hands. They are much better to shoot with than my normal specs as they are big & it means I don't have to try to line up my specs with a reticle or bead (think snooker players & you'll get the idea). They also hook around your ears so won't fall off. They aren't cheap, but as I sometimes need to work in areas where I have to wear safety equipment my business bought them.

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I don't need safety glasses as I close my eyes when pull the trigger!

Joking aside I only wear them when working up a new load.