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I'm contemplating having Implantable Contact Lenses fitted (not sure that's the right word) and was perusing the Optimax website just now. I noticed that they offer a discount scheme for clubs and groups.

Anybody considering ICL's, LASIK or the like?

If there are a few of us I'll make some enquiries about the discount scheme.


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Funnily enough I am thinking about the laser jobby, it'sabout 2 grand my friends says although they won't tell you this until you have the "consultation" which is to all intents a thinly disguised sales pitching

How good would that be stalking and a discount eye surgery :lol:


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Hi all,

I had laser surgery done almost 3 years and the results have been fantastic. I wore contacts/glasses for years and found them such a pain.

I highly recommend having it done - worth every penny in my opinion.



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Hi guys,

I bought my wife laser eye treatment for Christmas last year,
She was very short sighted and after looking at all the options we decided on Optimax as they were doing a deal on the run up to christmas.
The consultation was about £80 and was a very thorough eye examination that was worthwhile on it's own. She had the procedure a week or so later and within 20 mins could see as well as me.
A couple of weeks later we discovered that Optimax offer an almost 50% discount for people that work for the NHS, (my wife's a nurse) so i rang them up and played up about the fact that they hadn't told us even though she had disclosed that she was a nurse, Optimax were spot on and actually refunded me the difference. I have no vested interest in Optimax but i speak as i find and i found them very good.


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My friend had hers done by some outfit called Ultralase?

she has been saying how good it is, hurt like a muther for first day or so as she didn't take the painkillers as she was told but then it wasn't so bad healed week or two and hasn't looked back since if you forgive the pun :lol:
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