F. Beesley .243

They are clearly trying to trade in on the Frederick Beesley name and shop that they bought in Chalfont St Giles a couple of years ago, only to move it all back to London in the last few months.

Sounds like a lot of money for what is essentially just a new stock and a £100 secondhand Leupold scope on a £500 rifle


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It does look a little unfortunate but it's a British rifle at an affordable
price point.

Given that a Sako can cost almost 2k these days and in fact this price point is just the entry point to the Blaser range.

I think they should be applauded for their effort and then tactfully gifted Copies of coffee table books of the rifles of
Rigby, Gibbs and Hollands.
The equivalent Sako 85 Hunter blued is less than £1400, which leaves change for a really good secondhand optics. I know where my £1995 would be spent, but that's my £1995, and someone else might be buying this as we speak, and be very happy with their decision


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In fairness, if you're trying to run a gunshop in Central London you've got to charge a lot. A sandwich and a beer is not cheap there either.

norma 308

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same sort of thing that Holland and ho!land did with my sako L61r many years ago restocked reblued re sighted and regulated not particularly worth a lot more but nice provenononce .and at the time made a nice rifle just a little nicer .