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Fountain,Tillhill,ect arnt cheap either for some ground,the guide prices are only a guide, if say its 6000 and you put 5000 your the only bidder, or maybe the highest bidder,you have all the bells and whistles syndicate members all level 2 DCS approved you could be in luck its a point system also.

The commission do have concurrent rights, if you dont do the job ie cull figures tree damage on restock exccesive the rangers go in,so if you have a good bank balance and pay whatever, the commission know when your on the land,If you dont achieve the acquired results this will only lead to problems,the more restock the more pressure.
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Just to throw a spanner or two, Last week I had the tender for FC land in southern england sent to me. Firstly the covering letter insisted that only tenders from those holding DSC 2 would be accepted, yet the attached management plan stated that those holding only DSC 1 must complete level 2 by the end of the first year of their tennancy. Also they stated that no one without level 1 would be allowed on the ground and those with level 1 would have to be accompanied by someone holding level 2 at all times

Now in the attached sample lease, the secretary of state notes that all tenants must have a minimum of level 1 and no mention of level 2. So I picked up the phone as there were some questions I wanted answered. Anyway when it came down to it I enquired about the ambiguities in the paperwork. I was informed that that it was an oversight and they would get it sorted. Now if they can be as matter of fact as this I would question who is pulling who's cart, as the tennancy is between the Sec of state and the winning tender and not the FC. I would assume that the Sec of State would have to approve any changes to a lease, otherwise it would not be a legal document, so are the FC trying to pull a fast one? Do they have the authority to do this? or are they trying to safeguard rangers jobs, as, if the tenders are not available to the majority of the stalking community then it is highly likely that not all cull''s would be completed and the rangers would have to step in. Very convienient. Also as stated by others if the ranger does not believe that enough deer have been culled they will step in. How many rangers hold DSC 1+2? Can anyone inform me what qualifications they have, not trying to be pedantic, I would really like to know.

Considereing the FC are supposed to be "green" the term I found discouraging was "the continued reduction of deer numbers". It just supported what I had been told by a FC Ranger years ago, they aren't interested in deer welfare, only timber. Somebody mentioned earlier that in other countries the state manages the hunting. Are we the only country where the state condones the extermination of deer from state owned land?

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I know that the FC in scotland are removing them seleves as an intereted party this is *i was told * to cut the cost of the paper work considerably. I think a letter or email from your self to the Secretary would clear matters up.