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Wanted: FAC Air Rifle .22 PCP


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** Now found what I wanted, so thanks for your help **

Not sure if anyone on here uses them but I have a slot for a .22 FAC Air Rifle, so am on the lookout for a PCP airgun (not break barrel) that is not too far away from me in Guildford, Surrey. Ideally it would be shortish & not too heavy but am pretty open; I would like a bottle gun with good capacity it does not have to be one. Am looking for a Rapid, BSA Superten or R10, FX Verminator or HW100 but there may be others I would go for. It needs to be FAC rated (so no 12 ft/lbs ones please) ideally doing around 30 to 40 ft/lbs. I would like to spend £300 to £500 ish but may go higher for the right kit. Thanks.
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Thanks for the replies. Yes I have been looking on g*nstar & g*ntrader but have not seen what I like for the money I want to sped. I will look at G*ns forsale.com, which I have not heard of.

I had one of the very first Airwolf's when they were released in the UK (single digit Serial no, ordered 4 months in advance). It was a great gun but had too many issues with it, so it went after a while. It is also quite a weight to lug round as I have a few mile walk around one of my permissions. I currently run a custom Bowket SuperTen with a big bull barrel & a Tawnado stock, which is a great rig but is quite heavy to cart around for a couple of miles. An Airwolf would be a similar weight. My rabbiting partner has a new AirRanger Tactical that is not as heavy as the air wolfs. If I was going to drop 1K+ on a rig then it would be a Verminator Mk2 I think. I shall keep on looking.


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Thank you for the PMs, offers & advice. I am looking into a few promising leads but have not decided on anything yet.

FGYT: Yes I have a 3L bottle that I use on my other airguns, which will do for now.

I am pretty sure that you can still get these worked on even though Theoben went bust (?) as they were a very popular item with a lot of people tuning them.

private fraser

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Always liked Theobens but have heard some horror stories re folk trying to repair the gas ram types.
Who is the best re repair and tuning on the Rapids?.


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Theoben went out the game and Rapid Air Weapons were born
There is a huge following all over the world and spares are still being made
The rapid 7 forum has all the help any rapid owner would need
I no longer have my rapid but i'm trying to buy it back


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Kalibrgun Cricket is best 22 FAC
I was vaguely aware of these, which look interesting. Especially the new lightweight one called the Hummingbird:


That looks like a lot of fun but probably won't come in .22 FAC



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Don't think Hummingbird will ever make over here, issues with semi-auto.

Cricket is the best 25 ever (by huge margin) and the 22 is on a par with the very best Theobens.