FAC arrived in the post, thanks Notts police!


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What a lovely present to wake up to.

The postie had been and there was an official brown envelope from Notts police on the doormat - for some strange reason my heart sank, thinking I must have been speeding somewhere (clean licence so I don't know where that came from?).

After opening all the junk mail, I finally got round to the brown envelope and what a suprise, its my FAC!

The FLO (a very nice bloke by the way) intimated it would be another couple of weeks yet - hence my suprise :D

So obviously im off to my local RFD to have a nosey about! - although I can't afford anything until this time next month.

The conditions are interesting: (well to me anyway)

1. Land deemed suitable by the chief of police - which was entirely expected and appropriate until I have more experience.

2. Expanding ammunition for use in connection with....

a. The lawful shooting of deer
b. The shooting of vermin, or in connection with the management of any estate, other wildlife.
c. The humane killing of animals.
d. The shooting of animals for the protection of other animals or humans.

The conditions seem comprehensive, are these standard or have Notts been generous?

All in all it took 4 weeks to process - and that includes Christmas - so im delighted and impressed.


:D :D :D


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pretty normal

They seem pretty normal to me. Done well to get an open vermin ticket as well as deer though. Normally would have expeced them to restrict it to foxes assuming you're .243 or above?



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Pretty much exactly same as mine but we are Notts postal code but Derbyshire Police area.

I always woundered what the protection of other animals or humans actually allowed you to do.
Anyone got a definative answer?


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FAC conditions

Hi Leagaleagle69.

I was thinking the same as you, a definitive answer would be great.

It does read like it could be used to cover a number of sins by unscrupulous people.




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I think the answer is something along the following lines - a normal licence would approve the holder to control vermin, deer and sighting in on a range but not shoot a dog which was worrying your sheep. I think if you were to shoot a dog in such circumstances you would be breeching the conditions of your licence? I dont think your average dog can be classified as vermin? You would however be covered if your licence gave approval for the protection of other animals as you would be protecting your flock.
Someone please correct me if I am wrong, thanks


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Well this was my first thought I asked another shooter and he said that he had to have a specific condition added to allow him to shoot dogs worrying stock.

I would personally be very loathe to do this as it's a very emotive thing to do, and could bring serious reprisals, a local farmer shot one of the local pikeys dogs and they have made his life a misery