FAC Renewal again


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:( It,s that time again FAC renewal . Ive had my ticket since the 70,s and each time they try to steal something from me, wonder what it will be this time, im not saying they,ll win but they,ll try. Anyway can enyone tell me why plod says i can,t shoot rabits hares crows and other small pests with my .223 they tell me it.s over kill farmer just wants these pests dead,they tell me .22 is enough, ok i,ve got one as well but i ca,nt carry it with me all the time{.22 40gr sub sonic limited range} i hand load for.223 eg 35gr 40gr 50gr and 69gr i prefer the 50gr for roe and the 69gr for range work but the 35.40,are illegal for roe so i have to use them on the range as well. Where when i was out stalking i could carry some of the lighter bullets and shoot pests at much further distances than i can with the .22 Same with the .308 i can load from 90gr to 200 gr but can only shoot deer with it, yet something tells me through 35gr .22 to the 200gr .308 they will still kill crows rabits ect and i don,t think they will be to bothered if they get hit with a slow sub sonic .22 or a super fast .223 or 308. Is this actual law or is it another little rule they have made up. Also why does it take up to 12 weeks for a renewal since all the informatoin has been checked before surely a couple of phone calls and an interview would be much more cost efficient.


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FAC Renewal

Regarding shooting rabbits with 223
I was at a BASC roadshow about five years back and a keeper friend had this problem. He wanted to shoot rabbits to Bait his vermin traps, with his 243 as he didn't want to drive home when on his rounds solely to change rifles.
Thames Valley said at the time that this was over gun and refused permission. He spoke to Bill Harriman, who went straight over to the Thames Valley Firearms officer and told him that he had no legal Right to refuse on those grounds. The keepers FAC was modified.
None of us wants to aggrivate the licencing department, but sometimes they do overstep the mark.


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Thank you techman for your help the interview will be coming up soon and i like to be prepared. No offence but i,ve not got a lot of time for BASC , but i am a member of The Sportsmans accotiation who i will be in contact with if i have any problems. People will read this and aggree with plod and say to expensive but that decision i feel should be left to me and bunnys make great bait and also feeds the Buzzards.
Yes they do overstep the mark at times and for everyone benifit we should argue the point. as we all know we are the most law abiding part of the community.