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Hi all
Arrived in the post this morning one new crisp ticket
30.06 plus mod for deer fox and boar any land passed for
that calibre with owners permission. :D :D
Can't be bad for my first ticket and no land of my own :evil: :evil: :evil:


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Well done JayJay

My FLO would only allow a 243 to start - but no mentor so im happy.

I tried the red stags and boar argument but to no avail.

What part of the world are you?




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new ticket

hi Jay Jay,how did you manage to get boar on your ticket with no land of your own :eek: ? anyway well done,now the search begins for your new rifle,have you got one in mind ?


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Thanks for the replies
i must admit i'm chuffed with the west midlands FA Dept
only took about 2 months from start to finish to get it all sorted
Thinking of a tikka T3 or perhaps a BlaserR93 ?


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West mercia? Took me a year with them to get my ticket (although this was some time ago). Then when i put my application in for a 308 they said no boar! Then they put a condition on my 243 saying i could only shoot foxes with it whilst out stalking!! Ridiculous!


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Yes Clive
west midlands have said foxing only when
stalking for deer but apart from that No conditions
No mentor, No level one nothing :eek:


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I would opt for the Tikka rather than shell out on a Blaser. No harm in looking at a Howa either. Stainless in a laminate stock would be my preference of finish with a S&B 6x42 no. 4 reticle on top. Do you have a slot on the ticket for a suppressor? You have an excellent gunsmith in your region too, see http://www.specialistrifleservices.co.uk/ .


The Mole

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Great news - and it must be some kind of a record? But why 30-06 and not a 6.5 :evil:

I'm with Iwrch - why spend the money on Blaser when you can get the same accuracy with a T3 for half the price (OK, the finish isn't quite so good but if that's not important to you ....) - it'll mean that you can spend more on the optics. And I've yet to hear a bad word said about Howa either, although I believe that if you want a detachable mag you have to get a conversion done.


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Thanks iwrch + The Mole
i was thinking a lot about the T3 as said it would
give me a bit more for the optics
had a good look at one in 243 and liked it a lot
i don't know much about the howa but will try to find one
to have a look at
As a foot note i phoned Stone to tell him the good news
never heard words like it :eek: he must of been happy
for me just didn't know how to express himself he was that
chuffed for me :lol: :lol: :lol:


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go for the tikka , i would recomend the tikka lite synthetic blued barrel i found the stainless a bit too shiny for my liking !
mind you ive got a mate who has a t3 hunter which has a spectacular bit of wallnut on it ,
optic wize if you have the kite i would deff go for S/B 6x42 or 8x56 hungarian why pay for german when hungarian are every bit as good .....
well done again mate



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Nice one Jay Jay
West Mercia won't give you a ticket with boar on it unless you have land that has them on. :rolleyes:
Go for a T3, got a stainless varmint and love it.
8x56 hungarian with 7 reticle, I think you can now get them illuminated.
Try a Jet z compact mod ,bloody good.

All the best with your choice and have fun :D



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Wholeheartedly concur on the suitability of Hungarian S&Bs. Every bit as good as the German variety. As for which magnification and objective diameter, do you really want us to open that can of worms here?! :rolleyes: If you intend stalking mostly in woodland, shooting off sticks, then a 6x42 is perfectly adequate. On the other hand, if your delight is rolling in the heather and shooting into the next county off a bipod then you may be better served with an 8x56. If you can't decide for certain then you have two options; either buy one of each and two sets of quick detach rings or, more sensibly ( :D ), find the extra money and fit a 2.5-10x50 or such like. Judging from my own experience, where nothing I have taken has been beyond 150yards, the 6x42 has always proved perfectly adequate. Remember the adage - "If it still looks small through the tube, you aren't stalking!"

Whichever 'scope you choose, whatever you do DO NOT skimp on mounts and rings. If you do decide on the Tikka, I doubt you will go far wrong with a set of their own, model specific accessories to go with it. If you are buying the whole caboodle from the same dealer then they might offer to set the whole thing up before you collect it. Otherwise, unless you have previous experience of the process, I strongly recommend employing the services of reputable gunsmith and get the job done properly from the outset. (see the link in my earlier post)

Keep us posted on how your quest progresses. Once you are all set up you can come back on here and get a whole pile of conflicting advice on which way is the best to break in a new barrel :lol: :lol:

Enjoy the therapy!


Heym SR20

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Wel done,

Re Scopes IMHO go with a 6x42 as the good all rounder - plenty of magnification for 200 yard shots but not too much for that quick 50 yd shot off sticks.

8x56 will be too much for closer range shots, but is gret on the hill off a bipod.

Had a look at the Howa the other day - look a really nice rifel for the money, pity they don't make a left handed one.


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Thanks Folk for you input
I'll probably go for the Tikka with a 6x42 on top
and a T8 mod sounds good to me what about you
thanks again JayJay


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Well done mate my FLD Derbyshire are great took a few weeks and gave me pretty much all I wanted with little or no restriction
I have a Tikka T3 lite in .308 good rifle with a T8 mod very good rifle accurate quiet and very user friendly with the mod
However have my time again I would get a slightly heavier barrel as after a few shots it gets very hot other than that wicked rifle

Good luck and wishing many happy hours of sweating your bollox of walking up mountains and dragging deer down em :lol:


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Glad to be of assistance. Mind you, don't be afraid to walk away and think again if, having seen the various bits, you start to have even the slightest nagging doubt. Having confidence in your kit is vital to getting the most out of your sport. I'm sure you are itching to fill your ticket - which of us weren't when we were in your position - but do take the time to make sure you are wholly satisfied with the reasons you have given yourself for choosing whatever combination you are about to purchase. That said, I reckon you've got it just about right! :D

Had you thought of buying a bipod at the same time? There is a thread currently running on here on that very subject where I have posted a link to an alternative brand which nobody else seems to have referred as yet. Any queries, just shout!

Enjoy the .30-06 - it IS big and it IS clever!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: