Facebook video reporting to police

Yorkshire lad

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Do anyone know how we report videos or photos on Facebook to the police / wildlife officer. I'm increasing seeing videos and photos of deer poaching with dogs / deer shot out of season and lamping deer. Only tonight there's a video of someone shooting a muntjac and you can hear the owls in hear the owls in the back ground before he shoots it with night vision/ thermal. Will anything be done if we do report it or are we just wasting our time.


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Always worth reporting. Go onto your local police website and I'm sure you'll see there how to report it.

Anyway, these Darwinian Human rejects who haven't the brain power not to publish their illegal and abhorrent activities on social media really do deserve to get caught.


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They,l build a case if they can ,i met 2 of Lincs wildlife officer,s last year and they seemed very committed to what they do.The police up here have had the A.RU out after poacher,s at the local estate as apart from the digusting mess of guts and bones they leave they,re shooting on public land with dog walkers,joggers and horse rider,s at risk.
We,ve even had people shooting deer over a scout group on Cannock Chase, so any one of these that get,s prosecuted is a result .