Factory ammo batches

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I think it is commonly accepted that you should re-check the zero on your rifle when using ammo from a new batch from the factory.

In practice, has anyone notice a significant difference when using new ammo, or have modern manufacturing practices done away with this problem?



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batch differences

I am aware that this is seen as good practise. I mainly reload everything now. when i used factory ammo i found no diferences between the batches.



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Normally i havn't noticed changes with a new batch except in one
case with federal fusion 150gr in 308. Had one box which shot under 1/2"
and bought 100 of the same batch and had a great season with it.
A year later got 100 of a different batch and they wouldn't group
under 1 1/2". The COL was fairly consistant on the first batch and very inconsistant on the second. That was all I could see. Swapped them for
something else.


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l used to find if the batch no between the boxes was the same l found no need to check it if they differed l would check them, but in reality l found them to be fairly concistant.