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Sold: Factory Ammo Clearout

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Factory Ammo:
.204 Ruger
5 Boxes Hornady 45gr Soft Point £25 per Box
1 Box Remington 40gr AccuTip £25

.220 Swift
10 boxes of Winchester 50gr Pointed Soft Point £26 Per Box

5 Boxes Privi 100gr Soft Point £40

.270 Win:-
19x Winchester 130gr Power Point £19
20x Federal Fusion 130gr SP £20
20x Remington Express Core-Lokt 150gr £35

.303 Brit
1x Norma 150gr soft point £35

.308 Win:-
22x Federal Premium 150gr Nosler Ballistic Tip £30
3 Boxes of Lapua 200gr Subsonic FMJ Boat Tail £40 per box
3 boxes (150 rounds) Norma Jaktmatch £30 a box or £80 the lot

3 Boxes of RWS 150gr Cone Point £35 Per Box (£100 the lot)
Collected From monmouthshire, just outside Abergavenny, Open to Sensible Offers.
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