Factory Ammo variations


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Hi .
Out of curiosity I have just measured some Federal .270 - 150 gr bullets all with the same batch number.
Using my verniers and a holder the difference I found over the whole batch from the longest to the shortest regards bullet seating was 20% of a millimetre sorry don’t know the unit might be nanometre anyway I plan to home load shortly but what difference will this have a suspect not much but I would be interested in views.

Thanks Smithy :rolleyes:


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I home load now, even home loading I get differences, the reason being, I think is that with soft point heads, the soft point is not the same from one head to the other, the seating die also pushes the head into the case on the shoulder of the head and not the soft point, that's what I think anyway. If you measured any Ballistic Tip ammo, I think they would all be the same, or certinally within a couple of thou, due to the precision of the plastic tip.