Fakenham Norfolk. Species present ?

Uncle Norm

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Yesterday I looked at a parcel of mainly agricultural land situated to the south of Fakenham in Norfolk. It was a relatively fleeting visit to be shown around by the farm manager.

There were very well defined Roe browse lines and I saw several Roe and Munjac as the light faded. There was intermittent but inconclusive evidence of larger species being present.

The farm manager, who is not a stalker, believes that he has seen Fallow and a few Red.

I would appreciate if any members who are familiar with the area, to the south Fakenham, could advise as to what larger species may be present and whether they are seen regularly ?


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I used to manage about 800 acres between Norwich and Fakenham.
There was some fallow in the area but I never saw any on my ground. There was also small groups of reds about. I would tend to only see the odd spiked or first head from time to time.
This was quite a few year back now so I would say that by now there will be few more of both.


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on there you will find a few fallow but mainly reds, roe , water deer and munties

Uncle Norm, this is only a few miles from me. I agree with Spud, red and fallow are certainly present in the area but you may find that they are quite transient. Roe and muntjac are likely to be present all of the time being territorial. CWD may well be present but probably in quite low numbers. Next time you are coming up give me a shout and we can meet up for a brew. Glyn.