falconry fair

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today i and a mate went to our first game fair of the year
the falconry fair at chetwyd park,
nice little show , a little to specialist for me not being a falconer but very interesting to say the least , picked up a few little items and a very nice book (a limited edition) titled ' the big five ' by anthony dyer
by dinner time feeling a little peckish and thirsty following a few pm's to GYR who was also at the show today i gave him a ring and we hooked up and had a chat over a pint , very nice bloke with a nice family aswell
so thank you for taking the time to share a pint GYR and hope you enjoyed the rest of the show even if it did cost a fiver :lol:
it's always nice to meet other members of this site so far i hav not met a bad one and am planning to meet up with quite a few more over the year


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Thanks for that Stone!
It was great to meet up with you and your mate as well.
Next pint's on me
All the best,
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