Available: Fallow Buck stalking East Sussex


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Fallow Buck stalking on new areas in East Sussex £75.00 per stalk, no kill fee on prickets and Sorrels, mature heads £350 trophy fee, medal heads have a sliding scale applied, venison can be purchased at going rate. Wounded/lost deer will be charged for as will badly shot beasts (i.e. gut, haunch, saddle)

No Limit on prickets and Sorrels.

Winter for doe's no limit no kill fee, £75.00 per stalk same rules apply for wounded or damaged beasts.

These areas are over and above to the major lease I have in West Sussex and therefore there is availability for most dates in the coming autumn and winter.

PM me or Robin on the site.


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Im sure you will soon sell out of dates on this ground, i have shot fallow everytime on these areas and seen some cracking fallow bucks whilst out.