Fallow Bucks


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Had a phone call from my dad today,
While he was out today putting a bit of feed down on a couple of flight ponds we shoot he came across a heard of about 18-20 Fallow which is not uncommon on this particular farm but what was a bit strange was that there was at least 15 bucks and about 8 very big mature bucks...

Anyone else ever come across this??

We only shoot for the freezer and we are the only ones that shoot on this farm and we only took a couple of dose last season.
So where's all the dose gone??
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At this time of year, the Fallow does run together with their fawns, separately from the bucks. This can vary from pairs and small herds, and I have even seen 70 does and fawns together in one field with only one pricket following behind.

The does will turn up eventually.