Fallow Bucks

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Managed to get out for a short while last night to see if I could strike it lucky with a fallow buck - now they're back on the menu!

Wonderful evening but the usual story. Lots of fallow and roe does, but no bucks. The fallow bucks, even the prickets seen to be very elusive in my wood at all times of the year. Its not because we harass them more than the does either. Most of my time is spent in the woods from Nov onwards, taking out the does, so why are the bucks so stealthy?

A great evening though...


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Same problem with our land. The bucks tend to form a Gentlemans Club further up the hill until the rut starts when they descent from the hills for a little fun and games.

mole trapper

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Was fortunate enough to be invited out yesterday morning with a mate of mine, we saw over a hundred fallow and a couple of roe, Several big bucks, but they were not in any danger as my friend said we will look at them again in the winter. I did take three nice prickets, beautiful morning to be out in fantastic surroundings with great company.

paul k

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I sometimes find that the bigger fallow bucks lie up in small outlying copses/woods from the main blocks and are also almost nocturnal.


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I agree

I'd be nocturnal if everytime I stuck my head out of the wood someone shot at me. You dont grow big antlers in the wild by being stupid :D :D


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I think most deer have a sixth sense when the season starts, or at least they seem to. Mark H is right, it is one of my favourite lines when you take a client out. "They dont get old and big by being stupid"

The hardest I think are Sika, the big boys are like ghosts sometimes, I luv em.
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