Fallow Does - Newbury


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Hi all, I've booked myself and my pals up for some Fallow Doe stalking in Berkshire and since there are still a fair few that could do with disappearing, if you're interested feel free to PM me!

It's £65 / Outing (Morning or late afternoon) and about the same again per carcass, assuming you want to take it home!

This place has some fantastic Fallow Bucks too, plus some great Muntjak stalking for the next few months as well - should you be interested?

My little agency isn't going to actively promote Outfits in the UK any longer but I'm happy to connect you with some of the guys I've stumbled into and have been out stalking with - no problem, and if you ever fancy something a bit more exotic, I'm yer man!

BTW - had a fantastic trip over to South Africa - visited Kwazulu Natal, the Magaliesburg Mountains and Limpopo Province - excellent! - photo's to follow!


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