Fallow family

Our passion is your passion... stalk with us!


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A nice little family group that I managed to stalk![/img]


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Fantastic! Why is it that I get to see a photo like that and already I'm smiling all over my face and my heart is racing! Beautiful!


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Hi Blaser3006
Having just had a glance at the pics entered in this competition it appears your a pretty good photographer, what kind of kit do you use? I'd love to take photos half this good, but it never seems to go right, most of my photos you have to point out the deers ear protruding from behind a tree.
How close were you to the deer in the pics?


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Hi Munty

I use a fuji 5600 Digital camera, and I was about 50 to 60 metres away for that shot.

I just take lots of pictures and the law of averages says some have to come out right.
Leica Amplus 6