Fallow, fat on or off?

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The Farmer

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Got myself a nice big Fallow doe with a nice layer of fat on it and was wondering if i should trim the fat off. Was going to cook the haunch as it has a nice layer of fat ready for roasting.. but i've been told different things, i was told to cut all the fat off as it makes the meat taste bitter, then i was told by someone esle to leave it on?. So to trim or not to trim, is there any rules or does and dont's, does it matter if there is a bit of fat on a leg or not.
Cheers guys.


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Don`t trim it!!
Sprinkle with Rosemary, loosely wrap in tin foil and roast slowly. The fat will add to the flavour.

Heym SR20

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Don't know about fallow, but certainly Red Deer fat can be quite rancid in taste. Trim a little bit off, fry it up and see how it tastes.

If you do trim it off, get a piece of pork belly or beef fat and wrap it in that instead.
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