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hi all
is there any one out there know the formula or guide on how to measure a fallow trophy or what makes a good representative head?
a freind of mine has just paid alot of money for what i thought was just a good buck .
i was under the impression that the measurements were
the coronet was 12cms around
the tine was 2ocms long
the brow tine 12-15cms long
the palm over 10cms wide and 300mm long
and overall length 600mm
just to make it medal class
can any one clarify this for me
many thanks stone

paul k

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In Dominic Griffin's book he suggests that you need the following to get close to a bronze:

Length: 60 cms
Brow tine: 16cms
Length of Palm: 30 cms
Width of Palm: 14 cms
Circumference of coronets: 20cms
Upper and Lower Beam: 12 cms
Dry Weight: 3kg

Yours seems a little way short of this although clearly a very good head as there are not too many medal fallow shot in the wild in the UK.

I have a head which is 66cms long and is close to Dominic's measurements in all respects except the palm length and width which are very weak, 23 cms and 8 cms respectively, and as a result it scores only 113.5 which shows the effect of weakness in just one or two areas.


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hi paul
those measurements are are what i had been told a few years ago now but it seems i hav been a lot short and my mates fallow head even shorter.
i do not normally shoot trophy just cull bucks as a rule but occasionally a big head comes into the cull and have shot several of these most are through injury or old age but thanks all the same and i bet that head looks impressive never mind the minor weaknesses
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