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I originally posted the below thread in the Deer Stalking Opportunities section, but I didn't get much back. Anyone point me in the right direction please, although I am aware I am getting close to the end of the season now and work is getting busier:

Thanks to several stalking providers on here and the generosity of some of the great people I have met, I have had the pleasure of stalking muntjac and roe - some paid for with hard earned, some by alcohol and others in kind.

I wonder if anyone could recommend me a decent, honest stalking provider to go for my first fallow doe. I'm still learning, and trying for a different species will, I hope, add to my (albeit limited) experience. Happy if its on foot or in a highseat but someone to point me in the right direction is essential because as I say it will be my first. The outfits I have been out with so far don't offer Fallow.

I am based in Lincolnshire, but more than happy to travel a reasonable distance. I have DSC1, a rifle, insurance, patience, bags of enthusiasm and a sense of humour.

I'm not after a free ride, but I appreciate a pointer or two as to who to give my hard earned to.



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Thanks - I'll have a look/chat.

As an aside, any chance you can send me a couple of B&Bs for next month - I have not heard back from Andrew yet and need to get something booked up.


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got my first fallow with sikamalc ,down in sussex.also been out with elmer fudd he,s in monmouth and got more fallow than asda,s got cheese both an easy drive with an excellent B N B to stay at atb