the scudd

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hi there are two of us coming over to scotland on febuary 26 for 3 days roe stalking,we were wondering if anyone would like to meet up for a drink and a bit of craic.will be staying in the hawick area.
anyone interested please pm me.thanks
the scudd
Hi Mate,

We will be stalking at the weekend (27th onwards).

We stay at the Horse and Hound pub in Bonchester Bridge which is about 3 miles away. Good pub, good beer and cracking food. Be good to meet for a pint. :)


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If the scudd is buying lads,,, dont miss the your chance. It dosent happen very often . its like an eclipse.
see yous at the horse and hound .
good luck on your stalking......

Hunting Solutions

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Nice to meet up with you and Martin mate...but don't come over too often or we'll have no 'kin deer left in the Borders! :D

Looking forward to meeting up again next time and hope you had a safe journey back.

Cheers. :D

the scudd

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cheers deako,nice to meet up with you. just arrived back home about 1 hour ago.
we both had a wonderful time,don,t think i,ve walked as far in my lifebut it was well worth it.i will have to start saving the pennies for my next trip.
i might be able to get a run over in the summer for a long weekend with the family :rolleyes:
so a good time was had by all,had a few pints ;) and shot a few deer and maybe even made some new mates,hopefully see you next time.
cheers the scudd