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Got this strange one last night at last light with my 6.5 x 47L and a 95gn vmax. I’d been out load testing my AI AE in preparation for a tactical comp, and I thought I’d take a look round after. I had checked what the 95’s were doing in my recently shortened 20” 47L, they used to be same poi as my 120gn deer load, but now they shoot 4cm to the left at 100m and 4cm high. No worries with the Schmidt 10x42 mk11, just adjust the windage so its set to shoot high at 100 and go for a look round. Spotted her 400m away coming from cover, had to cross a fence and stalk across 200m of open land, winding her full on, got to a suitable high point and sent one straight at her, she fell to shot. Rangefinder confirmed 220m after the shot. Didn’t see any cubs and she was totally dry, might have even been barran.

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