Wanted: Fantastic stalking and fly fishing sought!

Hi there,

I hope it's okay with everyone that I have joined your forum for a specific purpose, I am not a deer stalker myself but my husband is. Hubby's 40th birthday is coming up in a few months and I would dearly like to buy him some sort of memorable deer stalking and/or salmon fishing experience that will make his birthday a bit special. I confess my knowledge of deer stalking and salmon fishing is a tad limited and so I wondered if any of you might be kind enough to share your ideas with me.

At the moment I'm looking for somewhere that my husband, myself and our two young children could visit for a week or two's holiday then whilst we are there there would be deer stalking and/salmon fishing outings that I can book up for my husband so that he can go off and do these whilst I look after the children. I'd really love to find something special for him.

In case it helps, my husband stalks mainly woodland/farm land in Suffolk for muntjac roe and fallow. He hasn't yet stalked for red sika or CWD and I'm pretty sure he would be keen to stalk red or sika in particular. He is a very experienced fly fisher who has some experience of salmon fishing and I know he would love to catch a great big salmon!

i really appreciate any ideas any of you are willing to share with me. Happy New Year one and all!


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Try some of the estates in north scotland or the scottish Islands,, Mull is a favourite of mine,, lots of Red stalking and Salmon fishing , plus brown trout and rainbow fishing,,,,,,, plus good friendly locals and child friendly hotels and pubs
good luck on this


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Hi Not sure what time of year you are looking at for your holiday, we could offer you a week or two in our Self-catering lodge overlooking the river Spey and help find salmon fishing anytime from mid Feb to end of September. We could also find roe stalking for most of that time as well. If you want to have salmon fishing and red stags then the closer to the end of September the better as the stags will closer to the rut. It is always a compromise as the later the date the salmon fishing gets poorer but it is easier to find stag stalking.
If it is just stag stalking you want then the first three weeks of October are the main season for rutting stags.
have look at our website Welcome to Weiroch Lodge and email through that or pm me if interested.


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Thanks Jimbo
Depending on time of year i can help with Salmon fishing in the Nith or the Annan or even show hubby the ropes out on the estuary where we catch a few in the haafnet or stake nets , deer species for stalking depend again on when your visit would be , it may even be possible to do boar and goat as well


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If it helps im sure your husband would be interested in finding out about the haafnet nets, its a very ancient form of fishing and not everyone gets to experiance it
If you read the posts Solwaystalker gets very good recomendations, trout, salmon, red, roe, goats and boar
You will get a skip full of brownie point from hubby from this
Plus its southern scotland, but that not to say its not hilly

GOOD GIRL well done, hes a very lucky Chap, remember to tell him !!

Let us know what you book


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Try liddlesdale he has plenty of great roe stalking just north of kielder, he also has a cottage that sleeps 7 and to top it off its only a few miles away from England's finest salmon river "the Tyne".
Also Newcastle is only about a hour away with its shops, museums and art galleries.


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Please PM me your phone number.

I have my own 8000 acre estate lease in the Scottish highlands with two very nice cottages, one over looking a salmon river, 55 miles north of Inverness. I might be able to find room in October for a Red Stag and Sika Stag for your husband with the bungalow overlooking the salmon river. However the Salmon fishing I do not have, even though one of the premier salmon rivers in north Scotland runs through my lease, I have no rights over it.


Hi everyone, thanks so much for all the ideas and positive feedback-both on this thread and via the private messages, I really appreciate it. I'm working my way through all the options! All the best to you all :)
Hello, very late I know, but the Isle of Rona off the Isle of Skye has three beautiful holiday cottages and offers superb stalking with coastal scenery, sea fishing if required - maybe for hubby's 45th birthday. In the meantime look at www.isleofrona.com
Hello, I am as far north on the mainland as you can go, close to John O Groats.
There is plenty here for the whole family to do, places to visit, shop and eat.
I have my own Red and Roe stalking and can gain access to other types of stalking as well.
I also have my own Salmon fishing on the Forss river and can get access to the River thurso and other northern rivers.
I also have fishing on the most northerly trout lochs on Dunnet head as well as all the main lochs of caithness,eg Watten, St Johns etc.
Depending on the time of year I sure I can arange something.


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My wife did the same for me on my 40th last year, trouble is I've got the bug for it and have spent a fortune on it since lol,

he'll love it , it's a cracking gift

my wife sorted out a cull package with Tony and Chris from South Ayrshire stalking, a belting outfit with accomodation etc,


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