Farcical Events at BASC ~


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Keep up - keep up!

The news was in most of the shooting mags over the last 3 weeks and I seem to recall it was discussed on here at some length.

Hopefully this will be an end to the distraction and it will let the BASC get on with what it should be doing and protecting shooters and their rights.



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Old news, hopefully everyone lessons have been learnt from this but in my opinion Jonathan Swift has proved to be far more damaging to shooting and country sports interests. Anyway this is now all in the past.


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If all this is in the past then that will be good for our sport - the nature of BASC suggests it may well happen again.
Wasnt CG supposed to be under disciplinary process ? Maybe he has friends in BASC places.
Belief borne of desperation is no basis for securing our sport.