Farewell to Beowulf

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Ladies and Gentleman,

I would like to explain something to you all if I may, to avoid rumour and gossip, it concerns the future of the site and Steve F, Beowulf. As most of you will be aware the site was being sold by Rob Mac, to Steve, Sikamalc, our technical man Mark and myself. Well the site is still being sold the only difference is Steve does not feature amongst the buyers. This is not because of any sinister reason or plot, it is because of a decision come to by Steve and his good lady Darinda.

I have no wish, or reason to go into detail, suffice to say that ill health features in the decision. Steve himself has already alluded to this in his last post about the T shirts, and this along with several other factors have caused Steve to arrive at the decision he did. He has in my, opinion, taken the correct course of action, and needs to see it through without distraction.

I'm sure a lot of you would, like me, wish to thank him for all the time and effort that he has put into making this site what it is today. He has undoubtedly been the driving force behind it, but now he needs to do other things. He and Darinda have become, and always will be, good friends and I wish them well for the future, a sentiment echoed by Sikamalc. I look forward to the day I see him posting again.



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Thanks for what you have done, and are still doing. It's been good to read your post's and thanks for your help.

Hang in there .. And all the best to you and your wife . look after your self .

Hope to meet up with you some time the drinks are on me

Thanks Again


Don't stay away too long you will be missed


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Take Care Buddie, sorry to hear this.

Keep intouch, look after yourself and pass my best onto Darinda.



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Good luck for the future Steve ;)

I have known for a while now that the running of this site has been putting a lot of stress on you. Your health is more important as i have said before, but that does not mean you do not need to post at all. Just take a back seat and keep in touch by putting the odd post on now and again, keep your time on the site to maybe 1 hour per day instead of the maybe 3/4/ or even 6 hours a day that you have been putting in.

P.S. The site has gone from strength to strength with your input ;)

ATB mate and keep in touch. ;)


Andy L

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What can I say. Mr. B., I am gutted! :cry:
Wadas, I think the problem with your idea is that Mr. B. would not know when to turn the computer off! It needs to be on a locked time switch set to 1 hour a day.
Anyway, take care mate and look after yourself and your health first. We can tear strips of each other in your absence!


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Sorry Ladies and Gentlemen i am a bit late in responding, but I was away from home when I got the phone call from John(JAYB).

I can only echo what JAYB has already said. Steve (AKA Beowulf) has been an outstanding member of this site, he is also bloody good company and I count him as a friend.

I am not about to go into the whys and where fors about Steve leaving Admin, but I have been aware of some problems Steve has had for a while. He is a good honest, hard working man who is passionate about deer and the countryside, I only wish everyone I had met after 52 years of being on this revolving ball had the same attitude. The site will go on and we are working towards a brighter future and Steve I am sure will remain part of that future by being a site member. Personally I would like to thank him for his huge contribution that he has made towards the takeover, I dont think we would have got this far without him, and his good lady wife Darinda.

I will see you in Scotland Steve, thank you from all the team and the members. ;)

mole trapper

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Beowulf dont forget we still have a date at the rock inn up on Dartmoor, biggest guy there has to buy the beer.
Hope all things go well for you, best regards, J (MT)

The Mole

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Hope it all gets sorted out quickly Beo - it's going to be a bit quiet around here in the meantime. Best wishes, looking forward to seeing you back on form.


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I have never met Steve but we have exchanged a good deal of emails and pm's on this site and others.

We have worked together on a couple of things and he has bent over backwards in helping me, top man.

Steve, hope things sort out in your favour soon.....



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mole trapper said:
Beowulf dont forget we still have a date at the rock inn up on Dartmoor, biggest guy there has to buy the beer.
Hope all things go well for you, best regards, J (MT)

Is that the pub right in the middle of the moor?? Used it many,many moons ago.


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Gutted ,
where is the mirth and experience comming from know!
Essential member that looked after our interests, with VERY KEEN EYE!".
Still post your comments and advise steve. cheers and alot more Trapper


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The King is dead -Long live the king ? I think NOT.

Gonna have to fill some pretty big boots here. some folk here should be ashamed of themselves. This site has changed overnight.

Be careful what you wish for !


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"Gonna have to fill some pretty big boots here. some folk here should be ashamed of themselves. This site has changed overnight."

poddle is right. lessons need to be learned from this. The site has a new and inexperienced moderation team and a lot was put onto steve who has acted in the best interests of the site. it takes time to get the balance of the moderation right.

I count steve as a friend,



With all respect swampy I am not sure I have read many posts on here recently for which anyone should feel ashamed. That does seem a little extreme.


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Hope all works out well my friend, You know your more than welcome to call me anytime day or night if you need anything buddy ;)
I know how hard things can be when we have other problems to deal with like health & family. You have some good friends from this site mate so please keep in touch ;)


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i hope things get better for you and family soon. i remember when i first joined this site and did my first "real "post you said something like "posting on a forum is like being with a beautiful woman the more time you spend with eachother the better you are together" which is 100% true .

i have seen this site going from strenth to strenth and you are a founding part of that , you have made SD the No 1 stalking site.

all the best for the next few months ........remember friends ,fellow stalkers and banter is only a mouse click away...............neil


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People no one is or should be ashamed. As JAYB has stated there is nothing sinister going on with Steve's leaving the Admin takeover team. It is to the greater extent due to health reasons. Therefore it makes sense for people not to speculate about why Steve has decided to leave, it really dosnt help Steve or the Admin team.

For all of those doubters about our freindship (ie Steve, John and myself) Steve is as far as I know still coming up to Scotalnd again this fall to hunt on my 8000 acre lease, he is also staying as far as I am aware with JAYB prior to visiting with me, at JAYB's home and going for a Sika Stag. Somehow I doubt that we would still ahve all this on the go if as some are speculating we have fallen out :evil: people should get facts right first.

Steve is a good honest upright man, he is a good friend of mine and JAYB nothing has changed. Steve will be back, please give him time and space, the guy needs it at the moment.
The Lucky Hunter