Farewell to Beowulf

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Farewell to Beowolf

Just a few words to say I hope everything goes well for you in the future. I'd like to join all the others in wishing you all the best. Hopefully we'll meet again at a future SD do.
We still keep laughing at your comments about "Bernard" and blue arsed baboon and will miss your witty comments.
Keep well, Robin


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I would like to thank Steve/Beowulf for all he has done for the site and wish him well for the future.

A big Thank you.



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sikamalc said:
People no one is or should be ashamed. As JAYB has stated there is nothing sinister going on with Steve's leaving the Admin takeover team. It is to the greater extent due to health reasons. Therefore it makes sense for people not to speculate about why Steve has decided to leave, it really dosnt help Steve or the Admin team.

For all of those doubters about our freindship (ie Steve, John and myself) Steve is as far as I know still coming up to Scotalnd again this fall to hunt on my 8000 acre lease, he is also staying as far as I am aware with JAYB prior to visiting with me, at JAYB's home and going for a Sika Stag. Somehow I doubt that we would still ahve all this on the go if as some are speculating we have fallen out :evil: people should get facts right first.

Steve is a good honest upright man, he is a good friend of mine and JAYB nothing has changed. Steve will be back, please give him time and space, the guy needs it at the moment.

Why do people have to explain their actions? From jay's post it is evident that there is nothing "dark or sinister" in Steve's decision. I aslo wish Steve the best and would like to say Ill greatly miss his contributions.

But now I urge people when posting on this thread please do not drag any reason up that you may think there is for what ever reason.


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I`ve never made a secret of the fact that I have got a lot of time for Steve (BEO), imo, a real stand up guy.
I have resisted the temptation to ring him, like many others I suppose, as sometimes peace and quiet are the best medicine.
BUT, if there is anyone off this site who feels confident enough in his friendship with Steve, to actually have a quiet word with the man and ease some of these comments into the conversation (their own judgement must be made about this).
I, and I imagine quite a few others off this site would feel more at ease. Thank you, Tony M.


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Dear All

I would like to introduce myself to you all, I am Darinda, Steve’s (Beowulf’s) wife.

Steve has asked me to thank you all for your good wishes.

He wants to assure everyone that there is no hidden agenda, things simply got too much. Recent pressures have included a job which required him to work long hours, a catalogue of illnesses and the long hours he has been putting into the site have taken their toll, something had to give. Unfortunately it has had to be the site and for the time being he needs to take some time away from it.

This is just some of the pressures we have been under and I am sure you will understand we do not want to go into great detail.

Once Steve is able he will contact you all individually. He very much hopes to be fit for the March and Shoot even if it means not marching he fully intends to be there to show support for the site and more importantly “Help 4 Heroes”.

Please give your support to Malcolm and JayB to keep this site going you really do not know how close you have been to losing the site completely. It takes a lot of hard work to keep it going.

This is a great site with good people sharing valuable knowledge and experience, do not let personal differences and petty politics destroy a website that so far hasn’t even reached a fraction of its potential. This site still has a lot of good to do.

Thank you.



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Well what can i say im coming from behind not sure whats gone before but i know we havn't met but you welcomed me to the fold I wish you well


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hi darinda
as you know myself and steve hav become good friends over the last few months and i was not going to respond to this post untill now , as i feel steve needs the support of his mates and also his family at the moment
and it is starting to show how sad his loss is to this site at , just hope admin apprecitate how much
mr B has had 2086 posts to date i think
50% was banter ( good at that he was)
25% troll hunting
25% knowledge
as a novice stalker, as he keeps on telling me , 520+ posts of knowledge
well some acalade
some day steve you will get the reconigtion you deserve
stone over and out
damn that aint navy talk is it :lol:


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Oh crikey, look what happens when you go on holiday for a week!

Take it easy Steve and keep your chin up. You will be much missed, a true gentleman.



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Well late as ever, how do I add to what has gone before... think it has all being said we will miss you big guy ;)

I did not say anything previously as I had spoken to Steve and passed on my feelings that I seconded Wadas in that his health came first also, and also I was unsure what to say at the time as there was a mixture of sadness and relief :rolleyes:
Mr B was my inspiration to post on here, I rarely did this sort of thing before. Maybe asked for the odd bit of technical data on some of the petrolhead sites, but that was about it.
When I read of the "Beever hunt" postings I was hooked rolling about laughing, do you guys remember the video, is it still up somewhere?

I wish Malc, Mark and JayB my very best wishes I have run websites before and it is a time consuming and thankless task at times, but on the odd occasion when it all comes together it can be great fun also.

the only thing that is left to say is good luck to all of you ... ;)


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Steve your banter will be greatly missed take a good earned rest and hope to see you back on the site when you get better :)


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What can l say thats not been said, just take care mate and hope to see you posting again sometime soon and also a meet up when you feel able (there is still a beast here with your name on it).

Best wishes to you and your good lady Darinda.
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