farm quad and dvla

captain ken

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hi just insured my farm quad and Bikesure said i have to register it with the DVLA as a agricultural
vehicle within 1 year, its never been registered before no number plates or log book
all ive got is a vin and engine number, I wont be using it on the road so why?
and if i have to do it how? cheers ken:confused:


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If you're not intending to use it on the road then no need to register it with DVLA. Engine / chassis number is all you should need to insure it as an agricultural machine. My unregistered quad is insured in this way with NFU mutual.

If you do want to use it on the road then it will need to be registered with DVLA, and let me tell you this is a right pita if it's an older quad never before been registered. I gave up. When I replace my quad I'll get one that's already registered.

Monkey Spanker

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Mine is now tax class 'limited use' which means I can go on roads up to 1km around where I'm working it. It is MOT exempt and taxed, but the tax is also free. I just had to renew it last week and could only do it via my local post office. Your post office should be able to help and advise, but it shouldn't cost you a penny. Not sure how you go about this without a V5C form though? Maybe switch insurance to NFU who will probably not insist upon such nonsense? You have a year anyway so no rush!;)