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Jackie Treehorn

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The hogs on our place have been beaucoup active within the past few weeks and the weekend of the 22nd was the most active I've had yet.

I killed these two sows, juveniles, and boar within the span of about 20 minutes.

The first sow and her young were tearing up a hay meadow about 11:00 in the morning on Saturday when I drilled her through the chest from about 100 yards out and then commenced to pick off the little ones.

I caught the second sow about 150 yards north of the first standing statue-still in a tangle of greenbriars. I put her down when the boar took off running and I popped him in the head. My dad heard all the racket and showed up to finish off the little ones with the second sow.

Rifle used was a stainless left-handed Ruger 77 Hawkeye in .223 Remington and I used a load of 25.0 grains of WC844 (roughly equivalent to H335) with a 55-grain Sierra Blitz King bullet for 3011 FPS. The hogs don't like it much.