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Has your wife or girlfriend ever said when getting ready to go out, does this dress, blouse, skirt etc make me look fat,if so next time they say it say, no darling, its the fat that makes you look fat, a guaranttee you will be on a knicker ban and good to go stalking instead:D

The Singing Stalker

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Oooooohh no. She knows far to well not to ask me that question. I do sweetly suggest that she has the option to be fat or do do some exercise. It is her choice to sit on her arse and watch the soaps so she aint gonna get no sympathy from me.

Jager SA

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Isn't there something else you'd rather wear...would be my reply. Probably better than, was thinking it's about time you used that gym membership. :)


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If she says "does my bum look big in this" you can always hedge your bets and say, Phwooar Yes!


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That's what I'm talkin' bout! :eek::rofl:


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I tell mine it's too confusing to understand continental sizes or maybe I put them on a hot wash.