Father and son outing


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Today was one of those rare occasions when I had the pleasure of my sons company for the afternoon/evening. As an electrician it is not often he can spare time in the week for stalking, I decided to take him to a new permission where I had been watching a group of fallow a few days earlier. We arrived at the farm, loaded the quad and took a portable high seat to the corner of a field where the deer walk along a hedgerow to graze in the field opposite, With the seat in place we went back to the farm to collect our rifles and dress up for the evening in the highseats. I dropped my son off at his seat, I drove the quad close to my seat covered it with a camo net climbed into it and got comfortable.The Field had a crop of rape and the deer were eating the young shoots.

It was not long before a group of fallow came out of the wood and started slowly walking towards me, they got to within ninty yards but did not offer a good heart/lung shot so I waited and watched, I was feeling very steady so I put the crosshairs on the neck of the lead animal braced myself against the highseat and just as I was about to squeeze the trigger the animal dropped on the spot, the rest of the group stopped on the edge of the wood and I took a doe that presented a good chest shot, my son came on the radio and said he thought I had fallen asleep so he took the shot, Gralloch done we loaded the deer onto the quad and went back to the farm, the farmer was delighted with the results, all in all a good evenings work,



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Very nice, Good write up mate, I have been taking my boy out since he was about 12 and he just cannot wait to apply for his tickets and by the sounds of this, having second thoughts incase I fall asleep, haha
Cheers Chris


Great to get out and about with one of your lads with great memories. Two of mine are christened with one to follow.