Faulty lamping kit


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My lamp handle is heating up fast and my battery is draining fast. The lamps a 170 striker and the battery's 14amp lithium pack. I changed the cigar plug fitting to a straight connection to the battery a couple of years ago its been fine up until now any help folks ?


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Rewire the complete unit! My light wiring had that much resistance it was burning/melting the cigar lighter connection. I know you are a direct wire to the battery, but I'd still rewire the complete unit, easiest thing to eliminate. As you have direct wired it to the battery, I'd be putting an inline fuse (probably a 15 amp) into he system too.

Mr dippy

Had the self same problem with the 170 had the whole lot rewired and now use a battery - now works perfectly



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Sounds to me like you have a 100 watt bulb in it, my 170 Variable gets a bit warm with the 100w bulb in it as it was designed for a 70w bulb, when I use the 70w it is fine.


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Sounds like a dodgy connection somewhere, the double bullet connector on my lithium pack was moving around while in my pocket, this resulted in he connector heating up and melting slightly, I sorted it by taping the cigar connector and cable to the side of the battery, rewired the lamp to be sure, Cluson do spares you can use, probably an inline fuse as well.

paul o'

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upgrade the wire and get rid of them cheap connectors and put an inline fuse nr the battery end also upgrade the cigar plug as this also is cheap and can melt .