Favourite Calibre?


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Popped out with our young lab (18 months) this evening, just for an hour before dark to have a look at the rabbit situation on some land that I haven't been on since before the start of covid.

I decided to dust off the 22 Hornet that has been sat in the safe for probably 6-10 months along with some homeloaded 40gr V-Max.

It was a bit of a test for the dog and the new Bushwear quad sticks I bought recently.

Three shots, three rabbits and two good retrieves for the dog. I'd almost forgotten how good the 22 Hornet is.

It's an amazing little cartridge that's very underrated. It performs way above what you'd expect especially for 12.6gr of powder. For that reason alone, this little CZ527 remains my favourite rifle in the cabinet.

Anyone else have a favourite?


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For deer I have a soft spot for 6.5x55. It seems to have consistently worked for me with little drama on most things from munties to reds.

As a walk around vermin and fox gun I have to second the Hornet. I loved mine - shot it out in fact! That was a CZ527, I had it shortened to 18" by Mike Norris and fitted with a little compact mod. I don't remember the make. I shot literally thousands of rabbits with that gun, a good few foxes and even a few human dispatch jobs on deer. It never let me down and weighed barely more than a rimfire.


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Loved my .22K-hornet when I had it. Just such a lovely little round. Now it's 7mm08...everything a 308 does but with a bit more panache...but I'm going to the dark side soon...6.5cm...who knows what'll happen!


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If I had to stick with one gauge for survival, it would definitely be the Hornet.
For big game, as the only caliber, .300 H&H


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Probably 22RF....if you were going for a long term trip you can carry lots of ammo, it’ll kill most things and it’s reliable.

bigger caliber - the aught six....it’s been used to drop most things in the world and has a massive range of bullet choice.