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Two toddlers, a boy and a girl, lived across the street from each other. Both dearly loved chicken salad. Each day, they took turns having lunch at his or her house and they always ate chicken salad. This continued until they were ready to start school.
The day before school started, their mothers found them crying. When asked why they were crying, they responded that they could no longer eat their chicken salad together. The mothers comforted them with the promise that they would pack their lunches and they could still eat chicken salad together every day.
The children did so every day. When they were about 11 years old, the girl unpacked her lunch one day and the boy, startled, said, "That's not chicken salad. You said you were going to eat chicken salad every day for the rest of your life. What IS that stuff?"
To which the girl replied, "This is peanut butter and jelly. I still love chicken salad, but I can't eat it anymore."
Boy: "Why not?" Girl: "Because I'm growing feathers."
Boy: "You are not!" Girl: "Yes I am. I'm growing feathers and can't eat chicken salad any more!!"
Boy: "I don't believe you, let me see." Girl: "I can't show you my feathers."
Boy: "I don't believe you."
So the girl agrees to show him her feathers and they proceed around the building to a solitary spot and she drops her panties and shows him her feathers.
Boy: "My, my, my!! You ARE growing feathers. Well, I'm not and I'm going to eat chicken salad for the rest of my natural life."
Well, every day, the girl ate peanut butter and jelly and the boy ate his chicken salad.
When they were 13, the boy unpacked his lunch. The girl, sniffing, exclaimed: "That's not chicken salad! You said you were going to eat chicken salad for the rest of your natural life. What IS that stuff?"
To which the boy responded: "Tuna salad. I can't eat chicken salad anymore. I'm growing feathers, too!!
Girl: "Let me see." Boy: "Oh, no!! I couldn't possibly show you my feathers."
Girl: "I showed you mine."
Boy: "Well, I guess fair is fair. You did show me yours."
They went around the building and he dropped his pants.
The girl's mouth dropped open and she exclaimed: "You're not only growing feathers, you're growing the neck and the gizzards, too!"