fed up with deer


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You're spoilt in the UK that you have deer in season all year. Here in Norway, roebucks kick off the year 10 th august, after that it's reindeer, all roedeer, red deer and elk until 23rd December, and then that 's it for another year.
I like winter foxing and there is beaver hunting in springtime.


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I did wonder how long it would be before the beaver jokes started. Was out snow ploughing when I posted and some of the replies made me chuckle. Life seems better after some sleep. I dont know if beavers get mange? But they're definetly less Hairy now then when I was a boy :-|
Smelly yeti, I'm too old as well. The wife is from Elgin so I wouldnt want to be caught on the prowl :scared:
you could start plowing beavers!:cool:


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do you ever get feed up with deer shooting some times shooting foxes is more intresting and a lot less work or am i just getting old :rolleyes:
Not really. I guess I don’t really go “deer shooting”. What motivates me is the land management, conservation and sustainable resource use aspect, only part of which is selectively completing a well reasoned cull plan.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy deer stalking, just as I enjoy fly fishing for wild trout. But that enjoyment comes from more than the act of shooting (or catching a trout).


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Clays. Gets me out of the house and interacting with people!

Ratting. I have a couple of farms with rat problems. Air rifle, cheap photon scope and a bottle of nutella mixed with vegetable oil and peanut butter for bait. Most fun you can have with your clothes on.

Rabbiting. Those were the days! Used to do literally dozens in a night out of the landrover window with a lamp and the trusty CZ. None of my farms have any left these days.....Mixy and RHD have been devastating.

Foxing. Another rabbit-hole of expensive NV spotters and scopes, but what else is a .243 for? :evil:

Long-range varminting. OK, so it's a bit weather dependent, but an afternoon spent with a buddy and a couple of good rifles, spotting for each other over a rabbit-infested moorland with shots ranging between 200 and 600 yards, real test of skill and kit. If the bunnies aren't playing there's always a couple of fox silhouettes to test each other's skills.

Roost shooting. These windy February evenings get them flocking into the warmth of the woods, as you huddle in range of the "landing tree", dog whining softly as she watches the first one or two dropping in, thermos of hot coffee ready for when the last of the usable light has faded.

Or, as stated so eloquently above, if you're fed up, treat a novice to your breadth of experience and put something back into the game.


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The opportunity to get out stalking for me is the issue and not that I’m fed up of it!

There’s a few rabbits starting to pick up on our shoot this year so fingers crossed they will start to multiply.

Mr fox however gets a hard time around here :thumb:


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After years of stalking deer i now find the adrenalin no longer kicks in when i spot one and the stalk is not as exciting as it used to be. However, i have recently got into stalking foxes with thermal kit and boy does that get my adrenalin going when Charlie appears!
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