Feed bags !


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What do you guys do with your empty feed bags ??

I use some myself for bagging wheat,
A painter chap I know takes a hundred or so for stripped wall paper and plaster,
A smallholder takes a pile for bruised barley
and various others want them for garden rubbish.

Surprising where they end up some times??

norma 308

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+ 1 for the beaters flags and for putting the grallochs in when we do a park cull .


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Depends who's asking...

When trading standards do a farm visit, and want to see evidence of correct disposal of waste plastic, I tell 'em that the father-in-law takes them all to put compost in!
(Given that we get through a tonne or more of sheep feed per week, the inspector must be wondering how big the old man's garden is!).


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I'm having real trouble opening mine this year!! Usually open them the proper way by unravelling the string to keep the bags taller for tieing as give them to the farmer we buy wheat and barley off(esp fotr the barley as its less dense). This year started off trying to open them right but now lost patience and just rip the top off. Thinkthey must have a different machine tieing them compared to last year.

Good bags get kept for bagging stuff and giving to the farmer.
Holed bags get used for all sorts from flags to barb, putting over leaky hopper lids, infront of pond sluice timber


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Yes, I too keep them for bagging wheat. I meticulously unravel the top but my son just ham-fistedly rips them open any old how. I don't really complain to him too much though as, after all, he is helping me feed. Doesn't do any good anyway.

There are 101 uses for them though, being stronger than the usual rubbishy rubbish bags, they do for garden waste, even small amounts of rubble. Beaters flags, protection against the curse of the wire that is barbed and even torn into strips to attach to the top of pen posts to flap in the breeze and deter the sparrow hawk that particular pen has as a neighbour.