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Fursty Ferret

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Hey all
Im looking for ideas for deer feeders for woodland rides.
Want something easy to set up and nice a cheap to make
Any ideas with pictures greatly appreciated

Double four

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You could try pheasant pan feeders it would keep them occupied for a little longer , they have no problem feeding from and emptying ours.


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Double Four,

What feed do you find works best? For Roe in particular?



Double four

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In the winter wheat mixed with aniseed powder which is put out in ordinary pheasant feeders anyway.
Summer I don't see much activity around the feeders although there has been a small bit of interest in the large pipe feeders since they have been out, not sure if its been reds or roe though.
The big feeders are an experiment and are more what I intended for reds to feed from and a diversionary tactic as they tend to toss the smaller barrel feeders over, foods im going to be experimenting this year are sugar beet pulp/nuts / molasses and beans
I have had roe eat carrots put out for reds also tried crab apple without much success, if I were just trying to attract roe I would roe I would go with the wheat/aniseed and plant some willow.
I did put an acre of kings deer lawn mix in which was vwey good for roe but it only lasted a couple of years and when the reds found it was trashed so its just left to grass now.