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Wanted: Ferret book


Well-Known Member
Hi all,
Wonder if anyone has or can recommend a decent book on keeping and working ferrets? I've no experience aside from once tagging along with a bloke for a day, but I'm considering keeping ferrets in the future as I now have more garden space to house them. I know a local lad who has plenty of permission but no time to keep his own ferrets, who will let me work them. Would like to gain a bit more knowledge on keeping and caring for them before deciding to have a go.


Well-Known Member
"The Ferret and Ferreting Guide" by Graham Wellstead (ISBN 0-7153-8013-3)

I've got several books on ferreting, but this one is the one I learned most from when I started.


Well-Known Member
Thanks all, should have enough to get me going.
Now I just need to convince the wife/decide how long they can live down the bottom of the garden before she notices ;)


Active Member
You don't need any book just get out there and give it a go you learn by your mistakes, but if you are going with your mate who has the permission he should keep you right