Few questions from someone new to mounting


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Evening all.
So excuse the seemingly simple questions especially if they have been answered before.

First of all My friend and I had a successful few days on the Sika up in Scotland and the keeper kindly did the messy part of the skull prep, so all I have to do is mount them, question is, should I use a Roe or Red metal skull fixing for Sika? BushWear - Outdoor clothing shooting and stalking equipment

Second question, I have 2 sets of antlers from my first go on the stags, a little spiker and a 6 pointer, I'd quite to mount them both on a wooden shield to remember that first trip, is there a product on the market that I could mount them to or do I need to knock something up myself?



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If the skull has been prepared as a short cut you could just drill into pedicles and fix with a couple of good screws or use rawl plugs.

If you can knock something up for the two trophies it would be all the more memorable, I am not aware of anything you can buy for this.

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You can buy false sculls that have screws in the pedies for mounting antlers. Try Roger at JAGERSPORT.


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I was told to fill the back of the skull with filler then screw through the back of the wooden shield into the filler so you can't see screws?

Has anyone got a guide as to whereabouts the skull should be cut to mount it? I have a fallow deer skull from my first outing and am trying to work out where best to cut it to mount. Any suggested links for shields for mounting a fallow skull would also be appreciated,



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Difficult to describe but not that hard to do,did the keeper not cut your Sika skull if he did the cut is the same for all species, well more or less as you really have three cuts long nose short nose or skull top, some people don't cut at
all and just remove the bottom jaw, how you decide to cut is up to you, its all about personal preference

I personally don't like the complete skull look ie. just removing the bottom jaw, the skull top cut is old fashioned
and you don't see very often now, the most popular cut is the long nose, for it just take a line from the top of the skull through the ear to the tip of the nose your cut should end in front of the teeth in the upper jaw.

Not that easy to describe so you are better to see one that has been done, I think if you search some of the older posts on here you might find some photographs.

Or you might find the correct cut in some of the books, if I remember correctly it showed the cut in one of Richard Prior's books, unfortunately I can't remember which one, and it was a Roe , but as I said previously the cut is the same regardless of species.

You can buy a saw and guide for cutting if you don't feel comfortable trying to cut it free hand, though its not that difficult just take your time.

If you decide to give it a go free hand use a wood saw Sandvick or similar, don't use a hacksaw as the teeth are not ideal for cutting bone, and don't use a bone saw at least until you have done a few as while a bone saw will cut through the bone quickly, its very difficult to keep it cutting straight.


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The sika skull wasn't me, i may have hijacked the thread slightly as it seemed to be about the type of thing i was wanting to know about!! Thank you for the advice, the point about the bone saw seems good. I will have a search for photos in older posts, google didn't help!!