Fewer keds and ticks about?


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Just realised that I haven't seen a ked for a few months (not that I look for them) or had one running through my hair recently?

Plus seen fewer ticks on carcasses.

One benefit of the hot dry weather?


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interesting ss that you are fairly tick free as a friend of mine stalks around romsey/compton estate and he says more ticks this year than ever but he is seeing a lot less deer.on the up side he has seen larger groups of sika hinds commuting between properties so he is hoping they will be on his ground in november.i have always found ticks on the deer on my ground but nothing more than the usual amount.10 up wards on most animals culled.


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V late coming to this thread; in Oxon I noticed a dearth of keds and ticks this year on my fallow and muntjac. I believe this winter is a mast year though, more acorns=more mice=more ticks


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Usually a reduction in deer means a reduction in ticks . Keds are host specific ,deer keds anyway and are passed from mother to off spring .