Fife Roe Buck

Leica Amplus 6


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Above is a buck I shot last wednesday evening. He had a deep wound on one of his hind legs which was filled with pus but on observation it didn't appear to be giving him any trouble.


Here in Fife the Roe deer population is continuing to rise but early indications for this season are that there are some very good medal heads.




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Well done Ben a fine looking beast. I shoot quite a few muntjac and Roe with similar leg injuries and some of those with very swollen knee injuries. At least they can be considered as good cull animals. :confused:

That's a very nice looking dog by the way. :D

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Hi there Ben,

Excuse me for being nosey but was wandering where you got that fine looking Rifle from, I’m on the look out for a semi custom job and yours looks like the sort of thing I’m after.

As Beowulf said, lovely dog and not a bad buck too.

Happy Stalking



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The rifle is a .308 Mannlicher SSG Police model. I have had it for 8 years now and its brilliant. It comes with a standard 5 shot mag but you can get a 10 shot which is really handy for the hinds.
This particular one came from Sloans of Inverurie who are excellent.
Had a couple of inches chopped off the barrel for a Reflex mod which balances it perfectly.
I have used a few different factory rounds through it from Lapua 150gr,Federal 150gr,Remington 180gr but without a doubt I find the best to be Sako 123gr for everything from Roe to Reds. I am sure you would be able to get a marginal improvement by home loading but all the deer I've shot wouldn't be able to tell you the difference.
Scope is 8x56 Swarovski and Apel mounts. Only have about 1mm between scope and barrel so you have to adapt BC caps.
If you are in the market for a reliable and user friendly .308 get yourself a SSG.


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You can currently get the rifle with a fixed power Kahles 6x43 scope for £1100. It's due to a cancelled order from the Brazilian Police i believe but great value for money.
I picked one up in 308.



Hi ben, I have an ssg as well and use the sako 123g round. Been banging on about that particular round for ages and am pleased to find another user. It does work well.
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