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I was speaking to an RFD in Fife who said locally,if stalkers want a deer rifle they will have to buy a centre fire .22.
Some stalkers have .243 & bigger on there tickets with the condition "for use on highland estates".
I don't know if anyone on here has expirience of this? but it seems a bit unecessary, & makes me glad I don't have any out of the ordinary conditions on my FAC! Danny


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Hi Danny,

I would be curious as to who the RFD is as I and many of my mates who stalk and live in the kingdom have much larger calibres (more ft/lbs than 308 and above) for both deer and fox and there are no restrictions. I could probably hazard a guess as RFD's are few and far between in Fife and I can think of one who although a decent bloke will tell any story to get a sale.

Cheers Remmy7


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Im must admit I would like to know what rfd it was. My mate is from fife and he has larger on his ticket, another mate is just waiting for his ticket to arrive but he only asked for a 22-250 and a rimmy. But I know of other fife stalkers who also own larger calibres and dont set foot on red grounds.



I'm Nutty's mate from Fife (must be me nae body else talks to him) I initially put in for .22, 22.250, and 270. I was informed of the same stuff that fife would not issue larger than .22 centre fire unless it was to be used on Reds etc. I asked the FCO and was told if I could produce a reason for owning something like the 270 then I could get it on my ticket.

So I think what the RFD has said may have more than a grain of truth in it


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an example of bad practise

I wonder where that came from. That has to be worth a challenge. If you want a bigger rifle to shoot small deer then this is ok. I have shot muntjac with my .30-06.

You get no change from dead. Nutty was telling me about his firearms officers the other day. They can't just make it up! It maybe that they have got the wrong end of the stick and are saying that .22cf are recomended for small deer. What happens if you want to stalk roe south of the border?



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if my memery serves, fife tryed this one a few years back with the lad who used to own fife field sports. While in one day chating he told me that when people from Fife were looking for a rifle for stalking Fife had been telling applicants that there is no where in Fife to use anything larger than a 22cf. He said he had taken them to court and one damages from Fife,s firearms department. Unfortunatly i don,t know if this is true. They will also tell you that you must put expanding bullet heads on ticket and that a .22cf is to big to shoot vermin, bunny,s crows ect l


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it is interesting this new thing from Basc about calibres and using your deer rifle for foxing.

as for the owner of the gunshop taking them to court. If that is the case the firearms department is mad! they are just asking to be sued, it has been shown to be wrong in court so to carry on this policy would crazy.

But lots of rubbish is spoken at gunshop counters.


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I live in Fife and I was told I couldn't get a .270 for Roe in this county, they recommended .243 and below. After a bit of letter writing I got my .270 for Roe in Fife.



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hi , fife is bad for this , they think a22 center fire is suitable , what about all the guns that come shooting to agents with there 270s and 308s , they will give you what you wont but you have to stand up to them , if enybody has eny problems get basc involved , they dont like that , my tickets were with fife for nearly 30 years , changed because or the hassel with them , with grampian now , they are a breath of fresh air , regards willie/


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I would love to see who went round all of fife and said that none of it could be cleared for over 22cf!
my god what is the world coming to!?


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I have had all of the above problems with fife police.

However it seems to be with individuals that are unknown to them. If you are known personaly to fife then they will bend over backwards to help you out if you need it.

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