Filming Fieldsports - An invitation to you


Hi Guys

I am looking to make various online and other media field sport TV programs that reflect the "real countryside" and in particular, field sports.

As someone who practices Deer Stalking, Fox Control, Bunny Bashing, Pigeon Control and various fishing techniques I am keen to make programs to find out how other sportsman go about their sport / job!

I'm seeking Stalkers, Pest Controllers, Fishermen and even people that hunt with hawks that are willing to participate. If you fancy joining in and being filmed practicing the sport that you love, you can find out more at and my Facebook page

Please feel free to message me via this thread, my Facebook page or the Fieldsportsman website contact form if you are interested.

My aim is to promote Fieldsports, Pest Control and land management with a positive outlook!

Thanks in advance