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For Sale: Final clearout


Well-Known Member
Tipton carbon fibre cleaning rod. 42” OAL. £25 inc postage

SEB Range bag, rubber base, leather sides, synthetic ears. Excellent condition. £25 inc postage. SOLD.

DogGoneGood window bag. Cordura with suede top. Excellent condition. £15 inc postage. SOLD.

Heavy duty homemade shooting bench, very solid. Good condition. £20 collected

Napier neoprene sound mod cover. 10 ½” long. £8 inc

Padded rifle sling. New and unused. £12 inc postage. SOLD.

Leather rifle sling, used but good condition. £15 inc postage. SOLD.

Stoney point Polecat shooting sticks. 27” to 64”. Adapts into double shooting sticks, monopod shooting stick, and hiking stick. £40 inc postage. SOLD.

6.5mm cleaning brushes. £10 inc postage. SOLD.
3 x Tipton bronze brushes
3 x Tipton nylon brushes
3 x Tipton mops

.22 cleaning brushes. £10 inc postage.
2 x Bronze brushes
2 x Nylon brushes
3 x Mops
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Well-Known Member
Hello Tikka.
Could I please have the 6.5 brushes/mops.
I PMed you already for other bit also.



Well-Known Member
Hi Tikka.
Are the brushes and mops mine or someone elses?
You PMed me regarding your other post that I responded to and I might need to pay for two lots.



Well-Known Member
What's your bench made out of Tikka, and where abouts in Devon are you do you have any pics of the leather sling
Cheers Matt
Hi Matt

The bench is double thickness 3/4" Marine Ply top (i.e. 1 1/2" thick), with three steel screw in legs. A very solid bench, perfect for load development and/or range work.

Closest town to me is Newton Abbot.

The slings have gone I'm afraid.