Finding stalking!


I was wondering if any of the site members could give me some tips about how or where to find stalking leases. I am fairly new to stalking but have been out on a number of occasions & have passed my DSC 1, I would love to secure my own lease so that I could go out stalking a lot more. I am based in the Shropshire area but would travel for the right opportunity.

Any help or guidance would be gratefully received.


Andy L

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The only way is to put the time in I am afraid. Get door knocking!!
I have put two days of door knocking in in the past fortnight and managed to secure about 40 acres of land. I will be out again next week to have another go.


Andy is right, you just have to be brave and go knocking on landowner's doors. Be prepared that most will say no for various reasons but every so often you get lucky. And for recreational purposes you don't actually need that much land.

The only 'payment' I give my landowners is a haunch (prepared how they would like) from each deer shot on their land so don't always go in expecting to have to stump up loads of cash.

When I get a new permission I always ask the landowner who owns the surrounding land and approach them to see if I can shoot on their land too. Sometimes successful. Sometime not. And the call I made this evening to one of these surrounding landowners was one time I wish I hadn't called! I ended up speaking to the guy's wife and explained what I was doing. She then goes on to inform me that her son has hides all over the surrounding land and goes out in 'full camo' to take photos of the deer! And I really shouldn't be shooting them, it's dangerous, there aren't many about, they love them, etc, etc. Sorry , waffling on...

Anyway, good luck in finding some land Chris. You'll get there if you keep trying. And it will get easier after you get the first bit as you then say you shoot on so and so's land.



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Hi Chris
Good luck with this, if you find anything reasonably local and want to share the cost, give me a shout, im in Shropshire and would take on land if the deal was right.