Firearms Competence


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We are always going on as to how hard it is to get a Firearms Certificate in this country and we always moan about some of the conditions imposed, this is a glimpse of the other side of the coin.

So, I am not going to go into the reasons, but my youngest son is in South America. Been there a long while now with no indication he is coming back, can't say I blame him I did the same thing a while back.
So, my youngest son has been caught with "excessive armament" and a deal was struck where he would do the "Security" test and they would then allow him his guns back. He reported back last night and this is the part of his email that pertained to that exam, unchanged:

hahah i did my fire arms tests today! HOLY **** i wouldnt give 80% of the group a spoon never mind a gun!
how can a SECURITY guard fail 3 times on a test with 20 questions thatsall multiple choice and they a virtually giving you the answers!
and as for the practical. the target is a WHOLE sheet of A4 you can hit it ANYWHERE as long as you hit. you get 10 rounds .22 cal and you can miss 3if you get 5 or 6 on the sheet you get 10 more!!

WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST EXPERIENCE?!?! that was all the test 20 questions and 10 rounds about 6 foot away at a a4 paper with .22 cal 6" barrel!!

AND PEOPLE FAILED HOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh and my crazy doctor test to see if im twisted crazy was 35$ with some random guy in a car who filled it all out asked my age and if my parents where still alive and signed. all done??

now to do digital signature with the bank and get my guns back.

The digital signature is a digital impression of your fingerprint and has to be done at the Banco National - because the Police there still use ink and paper and the Bank are the only institute with the technology. Guess it's about money?

And the psychological evaluation is a pass if you get your age, date of birth and place of birth right!


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This is South America after all, personally over armed is the way to go down there & you can never have too many bullets, those were my thoughts prior to reading this, now I am sure I was right.



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Northwest - Where in South America? I have family in Brazil - FACs aren't easy to obtain there. - Mind you they do have some problems!

Rick - don't be daft! How much can you carry? - When it kicks off there you just need to get your head down! - the mobs there go up against the army with grenades & AK47s plus loads of drugs are given to their people to hype them up! It used to be the case of personally defending yourself with a handgun when I lived ther in the seventies - not any more!! It is seriously much more dangerous there & evasion is the mantra nowadays.
The only place for personal weapons is in the home & if you need to use them be sure to do the complete job & dispose of the evidence or you will be subject to reprisals and get banged up by the law. - Not a nice scenario - but that is the way it is.



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I have family in Brazil - FACs aren't easy to obtain there. - Mind you they do have some problems!
FAC might be difficult but a pistol only costs $100 and freely obtainable. He is in the jungle mostly and I spent quite a bit of time down there from the mid seventies on. Mostly Venezuela but there is only Peru I haven't been to. Right now Venezuala is a cross between the Wild West and the worst type of Facist regime you can imagine. I wouldn't go back now for a pension.


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I was in Rio in late 80's which were the kidnap & ransom years, and 94 a year b4 the IAD Bank started the Favela Barrio project and it was a little tense, but as you say home defense was important and doable but I returned a little while later and as you know very big changes in organisation of the gangs turned this and other areas into no go zones. On both visits I stayed with a college who was in law enforcement later BOPE and who is now in the UPP, I would certainly not have wandered about without him! now as you say it's quite exciting ! it's all invasion & retribution.
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